How to Set Custom Tip Percentages

How to Set Custom Tip Percentages

Learn how to set custom tip percentages  

The tip percentages displayed on the Cashier and Checkout can be determined by the merchant on the payment settings page of each location. 

Copper sets the default tips at 15% as the minimum, 20% as the medium, 25% as the high and 30% as the maximum tip. The maximum tip is also known as the “make their day” option.

These four tip options can be customized to range from 0% – 30%. There is also a skip option and “add a custom tip” option on both the Checkout app and Cashier app.

To change the tip percentages to a custom rate, locate the payment setting for the location that needs to have it’s tips changed.

From the Merchant console home page, select the locations tab.

The payment setting should be in the top right corner of the page. Tap on it.

Under “Tip Option” there should be 4 boxes that contain the current tip setting. These boxes are editable. In each box, input the desired tip percentage for that level of tip. The minimum tip rate is 0%, and the maximum tip rate is 30%.

After you have set the tip, click save. The tip percentages will be updated.

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